A former musician Agnès Guillaume turned to video art in 2010. She produces videos, mixed media works, and embroideries. The artist’s videos function as poetic forms…that think self-awareness. Like in our interior worlds, as if in a dream, an almost imperceptible sense of the uncanny. This shows us that what is happening takes place at the outskirts of daily life, in an elsewhere, both familiar and fantastic. Mirrors reflecting intimacy, they imply the consistency of several internal realities that the spectator is invited to recognize, appropriate and share. The beauty of the images creates unforeseeable emotions that the soundtracks come to reinforce.

From her past as a musician, Agnès Guillaume has kept her demand for accuracy that is revealed through the precision of her framing, the rhythm of her editing and the pictorial use of color. She often uses several screens to express the multiplicity of the internal sensations that happen all at once. Relatively short (5-8 minutes), the videos are often played as an endless loop, which accentuates this feeling of being in a different reality.

A series of paper prints coming from some of her videos are texturized using mixed techniques. These pieces, far from being a still of the video, lastingly materialize the forever fleeting sensation in a moving image.

As a daily practice, Agnès Guillaume adds embroidery works based on her own sketches and drawings. These pieces are traces of her vision of visible reality.

Agnès Guillaume was born in Louvain 1962 and works between Brussels and Paris. Her work receives a growing international recognition.


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